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Your child's fingerprint captured in pure silver

little treasures use silver clay to take an impression of your child’s fingerprint. The clay is then sanded, engraved and fired to produce a 99.9% silver charm which is polished and finished with sterling silver fittings to make a unique personal keepsake or special gift to treasure forever.
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Nappy Cakes Cornwall

Little Charms

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say that just coincidentally this week I noticed one of my friends had a necklace at the school with her boys finger prints on. It was an eye catching piece of jewellery too.  I have already hinted to my hubby that I would like one too. It is a lovely idea, and not overly expensive either.

Highly recommend just by viewing one piece of jewellery. See you soon little charms
Nappy Cakes Cornwall

Little treasures

I am really sorry, I meant little treasures. SORRY , busy friday moment.



Keeping our children's finger prints can serve as memories that will last for a long time.  Our children grow fast nowadays and one thing to preserve their childhood is by having their prints kept in silver.  Just like the fantastic stories I've read from pro custom writing which are pretty amazing.

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