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Yoga during pregnancy?

Hi Andrew,

What are the benefits of doing yoga during pregnancy?  Is there any medical condition that would prevent one from doing yoga during pregnancy?

many thanks

I would be really interested in joining a class if there is one in or around Falmouth?  :0)

yoga in pregnancy

Hi Sharon

There are too many benefits to mention them all and they will vary depending upon what form of Yoga in pregnancy you are practising. Generally, however, Yoga will help with an all round sense of well being by developing your 'awareness'. This is important in respect of breath, body and mind but the focus will vary from teacher to teacher.

There are some medical conditions that make doing some Yoga practises unwise. These vary from woman to woman and any condition or problem should be discussed fully with your teacher and midwife before joining a class

all the best
Nature's Mother

Thank you Andrew.  I can highly recommend your & Jerusha's classes!

Apart from the physiological, mental & spiritual benefits of doing yoga during pregnancy (or anytime) I made some really great friends in the preggie classes!  The Mother & Baby classes helped me to find calm & quiet during the turbulent times new motherhood brought.

Andrew & Jerusha offer wonderful classes in Falmouth Michelle, check out their website

warmest wishes

good benefits

Yoga has a lot of good benefits in our body.  No wonder a lot of people are doing it as their daily fitness regimen even pregnant women.  No wonder there are a lot of rating reviews about Yoga online, written by Yoga experts themselves.

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