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Will I need to supplement with formula??

I'm pregnant and breastfeeding my 19 month old.  So far I've had no problems, except my milk seems a little less, and I think Erin is showing signs of self-weaning...maybe...

I've had well-meaning and experienced friends tell me that when I have number 2, I should always keep some formula in the house, because there may be times when I need to use it to satisfy the baby so I can deal with my toddlers needs...and not to feel guilty about it, "after all it is not coca-cola in a bottle".  

Now I'm having a real issue getting my head around that as I don't want to use formula unless I absolutely have no other choice left to me, I'd much sooner express my own milk...I feel inclined NOT to keep any formula in the house, but what if they're right?  What if I have a really highly-strung baby and am just too busy to express?

I've also heard plenty of people say they just don't have enough milk and have NEEDED to satisfy starving babies with formula.  One even said that she knows the more you feed the more milk you're supposed to have, but she's convinced it didn't increase her milk supply and her baby was losing weight.  I never had these problems with Erin and she was a hungry baby, but what if I do with the next? Shocked

Has anyone had similar experiences?

All my children have given up nursing when I became pregnant with the next, so no direct experience.  But... I would say, that I can't imagine a situation when you would *need* formula ... I can think of times when, if it was in the cupboard, you might choose to go down that route, but not times when formula could be needed.  In my opinion, if you do decide that you need formula, then it's not exactly hard to get hold of.

My fourth baby is ten months old, and yes, it takes a lot of time to breastfeed a baby - even now I spend an awful lot of time, sitting right here, typing with one hand and holding the baby with the other while she feeds.  But you just deal with it - formula isn't an option for me - it would be real worst-case-scenario stuff before I would buy formula.

I think that having bf your daughter successfully for so long, you *know* your body can handle it Very Happy
Nature's Mother

Wise words LittleBrownFrog.  Thank you! I feel better now  Very Happy

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