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Which Eco/Cloth Nappies to use?


Has anyone got any tips on which cloth nappies are any good?  There seem to be a lot out there, but most come with very mixed reviews.

Also, I know this may seem really fussy, but I am not keen on bamboo either! Too many chemicals are needed to get the bamboo into a form suitable to make the fibre, which obviously is no good for the environment .. and destroys any anti-bacterial properties the plant once had.  Then there is also the issue of tracibility, deforestation etc etc...

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Tara
It sounds to me that you would maybe be interested in nappies that are more eco friendly?  If that is the case you can get nappies made from organic and / or unbleached cotton with waterproof wraps made from unbleached wool and liners from raw silk.  Most manufacturers make such nappies although you probably won't find them on the high street.
I would always recommend a trial kit to someone who is unsure which nappies would suit them.  This would contain all the different types of nappy for you to try at home for about a month giving you the chance to decide what is best for you and your family.  If you type your postcode into our nappy finder it will bring up your nearest kit:
If you have any further queries don't hesitate to ask Smile

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