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What to do when ppl you care about eat terribly, etc?

I was wondering if anyone has any tips on this...

There are people I care about who eat really badly (they will only tolerate one or 2 types of veg...and more often live on smart price burgers, chips or pizzas and don't do much better for their children).  They also only use very cheap chemical products on their skin, for cleaning their house, etc  And when baby comes down with eczema and I suggest something natural like chamomile tea in the bath, they look at me as though I'm crazy.  I'm sure they must think "bloody hippie!"  Laughing

Anyway, I feel frustrated because they collectively have serious weight problems, eczema and asthma (probably amongst other things) and just have no interest in taking care of themselves.  I have had other people close to me die of cancers and I don't feel like I can stand back and let these people I care for hurt themselves & more importantly, their kids, yet I don't want to be preachy.

Have any of you been in this situation? Am I just being judgemental, and snobbish and should I just let it go?

PS  I'm not perfect and don't always eat only organic, but I do do my best, especially for Erin



This is such a tricky situation and I know exactly how you feel!  My father and mother live on microwave meals and aspartame filled soft drinks and I have many friends who do too AND who feed their children this way.

I will sometimes bring round some fresh fruit, Goji Berries or a Raw Choccie cake just so they can see what they are missing but I try not to preach... I kind of feel that everyone is on their own path and they will make the right decisions for them at each step of the way anyway, I'm FAR from perfect myself! :0)

Everyone has freedom of choice... but yes, it is frustrating isn't it!  Lol x

Do you think it's lack of knowledge? I am changing my habits all the time at the moment and it's because for a long time I didn't know any better. And to be honest I still don't about a lot of things. Sometimes when people are presented with the cold hard facts about something they can't help but make changes.
Nature's Mother

Thanks for the replies, and it's comforting to know others feel the same.

I think it is partly lack of knowledge, but partly a stubborness and perhaps an insecurity that the way they know may not be the best way. She told me of an incidence where the midwife told her she had to eat better when she was pregnant (eat 5 a day, or something like that, can't remember exactly) and she was really really offended saying "we grew up eating this way, and we're fine".  You can't point out the various health issues and say "well are you really fine?".  So this is why I've avoided explaining things to her, as I think she will just be offended & perhaps feel like I'm judging her (which I suppose I am  Embarassed )

3 days after the visit we are still suffocating in aerosol deodrant fumes to the point where Erin & I have developed coughs.  No amount of airing seems to completely get rid of it (not sure where all it was sprayed) But it's surely enough to give a non-asthmatic asthma.

When my hubby suggested chamomilla instead of bonjella for teething, he was told that the lovely little girl "liked the flavour of bonjella". He tried to explain that Bonjello was not natural, and Nelson't teething powders were.  It's like she simply didn't care.  But then you're right, each to his own, I suppose many people don't care at all, and I need to learn to respect that.

So, perhaps a nice little easy-reading book about natural vs chemicals and the pros and cons of both would make a good pressie? Does anyone know of one? Or is that fearmongering? God, I am acting like a preachy radical christian aren't I?!  Rolling Eyes Give them a bible!  Laughing
Anne Thomas

Hi Sharon

I am sorry to say that if she doesn't care enough to give consideration to information given to her, giving her a book to read would probably be greeted with a smile and then it would be put away.  It is very hard and something I come across with a lot of clients - and some family members.

Patience and a gradual wearing down does make a difference - even the smallest change can be a great start.

I know what you mean about smellies though - when my Mum comes to stay it takes ages after to get the house fragrance free again as she loves her toiletries.

Nature's Mother

Thank you Anne...I know you're right! How do you think they'd take to being given pitrock for birthdays?   Evil or Very Mad
Anne Thomas

Anything is always worth a try.  I have occasionally bought - or made - organic or natural toiletries/creams for my Mum.  Some she has asked for again so things can happen.

She doesn't like the pitrock though.  If she can't understand how something works, then it can't possibly do so!  Not that she knows how the 'un-natural' products work mind!

Nature's Mother

no, but she knows they have a "wonderful" smell...and pitrok doesn't have a smell!

I shall give it a try. Maybe a natural shampoo/conditioner or something! many thanks
Anne Thomas

Oh yes - the smell!!

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