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What is it?

Hi Maryellen & welcome!

I remember going with my mom to a Chiropractor in South Africa many years ago (approx 15 yrs).  He used to manipulate joints and click things like crazy, which my mom found excellent but some people didn't like at all.  Is this a misconception or is this what Chiro is about? How & when would you treat a newborn baby?

Many thanks
Sharon x

What is Chiropractic?

HI Sharon
Thanks for the welcome! It's great to have this site up and running. Well done!
Chiropractic is a safe, natural, and drug free approach to health and wellness.  It is based on the scientific fact that your nervous system controls every other system in your body, such as your heart, lungs, immune, digestive, hormonal, etc.  Chiropractors tend to focus on the relationship between the natural alignment of your body and the vital communication pathways with your brain.  If you think of your brain as the power station, then it provides the electricity to the rest of your body.  If something is interfering with that connection, then the body cannot create the environment it needs to heal itself.

In our practice we tend to use the word "adjustment" (gentle and invited) rather than "manipulation" (violent and intrusive).  Any chiropractor who has done post graduate training in pregnancy and infant/child care will use techniques that are low force and very gentle, and will often include a lot of cranial work (especially with infants).

Chiropractors do not treat specific conditions, we work on balancing the nervous system so that the body can heal itself.  Pregnant women can benefit with shorter labor times and less pain (up to 50% in some studies), attending home births, Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique to gently open the mother's pelvis and allow breech or mal-positioned babies to turn, and of course back pain and sciatica.  We are also very well trained to help with acute and chronic cases of symphysis pubis dysfunction, which can be an absolute nightmare if left untreated.

With infants, we can help with irritable babies, "colic", inability to latch on or suck properly (or at all - breastfeeding problems), movement problems (bum shuffling) or problems walking, ear infections, recurrent infections, growth and development issues, genetic disorders, torticollis, palsy's (Erbs etc), funny/flat head shapes (plagiocephaly), ETC!

We are also a great source of information for alternative health advice.

This may seem like quite a broad scope of practice, but essentially it comes down to the "electrics".  If something is not connected, we need to find out if it is a functional problem or a more serious one.

Chiropractic isn't about what is wrong, it is about balancing the body and brain to create the best environment for growth and development, and essentially great health!

I hope that helps! Please don't hesitate to ask for more information.
Yours in health

Dr Maryellen Stephens
Nature's Mother

That's great, thank you!  I have heard a lot of great things about how you've helped friends & acquaintances and their babies especially.  

Much respect & thanks
Nature's Mother

Hi Dr Maryellen Stephens

I believe this may be a sensitive subject but I'm going to ask it does a Chiropractic treatment & an Osteopathic treatment differ? And would you recommend one more then the other for specific conditions?

many thanks


HI Sharon

Not a sensitive subject at all.  Chiropractic and Osteopathy have a lot of historical links together, as they came about in generally the same time, and the old boys all knew each other back in the day (late 1800s)!

The main difference is in the evolution and focus of the chiro vs the osteo.  Chiropractors worldwide will have the same standard of education, with the exception of radiology at McTimoney. As with all practitioners, you learn what you learn technique wise at college, then after a number of years and many other post grad courses, it becomes your own technique that grows. The osteopaths in the UK have varying schools of thought, some will manipulate, others will only do soft tissue work or visceral work, depending on where they trained.  Chiropractors are primary care and are required to diagnose, have the ability to take and report on xrays, and may either be working on a treatment acute care theme, or like most I hang with, are more into the non condition based health care side, balancing the nervous system and keeping the body healthy, rather than focusing on just the acute episodes.  Both chiros and osteos see entire families in their practices.  Just different approaches.

Not sure if that helps!!  

Most chiros and osteos will offer a free chat session to anyone interested, and that is the best way to get a feel for the person and how they work, which is good as you need to view it as team work.

Let me know if anything isnt clear!

Anne Thomas

Hello Maryellen

Another question - just so I have the information if I am referring clients:

If you are 'primary care' does that mean you can get chiropractic on the NHS?

That might seem a dum question but it's not that clear what can be referred via the NHS.


primary care

HI Anne
Primary care means that we are qualified to and required to (by law) make a diagnosis, and do not require a medical referral for care/treatment.

The NICE guidelines allow for up to 9 visits to be covered by the NHS (through the GP practice) for lower back pain that has lasted longer than 6 weeks.  We would prefer to see people much earlier than that, as by that time your brain has adjusted t it, and we would consider that the beginning of a chronic situation.  And to be honest, most people who have had lower back pain, have had several episodes over a period of 10-20 years, so 9 visits is a bit of a drop in the bucket.  It will make a dent in pain or get rid of it in some cases, but true healing takes longer and requires more effort, not just with adjustments, but with life changes like diet and exercise and life balance.

Hope that helps!

Nature's Mother

That's a great explanation Maryellen, thank you.  Do you attend births at all?
Anne Thomas

It helps a lot and I thought it might be so.  It's only 6 for physio isn't it (where referred) - so you have an edge on that perhaps!  And if I understand the physio situation correctly, if a GP refers you to a physio, the physio can only work on what the GP has referred the patient for.

And I agree about the issue of not waiting 6 weeks.  I treat a lot of bad backs with reflexology - the sooner you can get in there the better!


I got some information about chiropractic care. And I think is a good way to help your pain go away.

About Chiropractic Care:

Chiropractic care is based on a simple yet effective concept: Nerves and spines that functions normally coupled with a healthy lifestyle increase the body’s natural healing ability. A chiropractic treatment mainly deals with hands-on spine manipulation and as well as diagnosis of problems that relates to the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic procedures are all non-invasive, which means it is free from prescription drugs and surgeries.

Source: Chiropractor in San Clemente

I have had issues with back pain for quite some time. I moved to Indiana, and searched "back pain indianapolis " and found a great resource. I hope you can do the same...I'm not sure if APC is only local, but I recommend them 100% if you can find dr's like mine!

Been pain free after the third kid! Never been better!!

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