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Anne Thomas


Hello Helen

Responding to Sharon's email about her kit and specifically about arnica, has reminded me about an unresolved query I have.

When attending the 2nd labour and birthing of the lady I mentioned in the previous message, she took 1 arnica at the onset of labour and then as soon as the baby was born she began to take more at regular intervals, slowly lengthening the gap between remedies.  There had been some tearing and when the medic came in to do the stitching she said during conversation with myself, that they weren't happy with people using arnica as it increased bleeding should surgery be necessary, or should there be tears.

I have tried asking several homeopaths along with several supplying companies, eg helios and ainsworths, but have not had an answer.  This obviously has implications greater than just childbirth as arnica is recommended to be taken for a surgery in general.  

Do you have any information on this please?

Helen Swan

Hi anne

thanks for this question and the previous info abnout 'workedforme'. My first ever reply on this forum so hope it works as well as homeopathy does!

Arnica. In my opinion and experience, quite safe homeopathically, and I have not heard of it increasing bleeding. Arnica is usually used to relieve tiredness from unusual exercise (which birth certainly is), and to relieve bruising and bleeding afterwards. it is also sometimes used for delay in separation of the placenta. Dose and potency vary - this makes a difference. I would recommend 6, 30 or 200 potency taken at intervals for tiredness during labour; one dose only of 200 for placenta problems (unless supervised by qualified homeopath and midwife); dose afterwards for healing, 30 or 200 potency, 2-3 x day for 3 days then 30 potency, 1 x day for a week or until significantly better, then stop. always best to talk to a homeopath!

Without talking to the medic (doctor? midwife?) I do not know what she is referrring to. I would like to ask further questions. What was the medical history of the women with alleged increased bleeding, and any supplements taken, as some supplements can increase bleeding eg. garlic, vit. C, fish oil, all commonly taken, also some prescription meds of course. In what way was Arnica taken, for example herbally or homeopathically - these have different actions.  If homeopathic, what dose, for how long, before or during birth? really it is not scientific to make broad assertions such as 'Arnica increases bleeding', without giving relevant info to back it up. I would be happy to talk to any health professional about this. I personally work with a number of midwives and have so far heard of no problems with Arnica.

If someone were to take Arnica in potency for a long time - weeks - before a birth, then there is a possibility it could produce bleeding problems. This is because the person would be 'proving' the remedy. A proving could happen when a remedy is taken inappropriately over a long period. this can lead a person to produce symptoms of the remedy rather than of themselves. I have not heard of this with Arnica but in theory it is possible.

Hope this helps.

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