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Toxic oils

Hi Jane,

A friend told me a while ago that some oils are toxic to burn, and should be avoided especially around children.  I think she mentioned peppermint this true?  What could be used instead?

Many thanks

Toxic Oils

Whenever there are children or animals around the house and essential oils are being used either in a burner, diffuser care must be taken.
We used to have a labrador as a family pet and whenever I used lavender he was always very lethargic, even when his lead was produced he opened one eye as if to say "I'm sleeping do not disturb". This shows the power of the oils.
Saying this essential oils can be used safely and effectively for children provided caution is used. Using essential oils in baths, burners, massage, room sprays or compresses can be a way of a preventative, especially when there are the general colds, viruses that run through schools/play groups at an alarming rate.
The list of toxic oils is too great to list here - but they are in all good aromatherapy books. Common sense should prevail - Chamomile is a good 'children's' oil as is lavender, rose, mandarin and depending whether there is a particular illness and the age of the child eucalyptus or Tea Tree may be burned in the sick room but for no more than 15 minutes at a time.
Peppermint is a powerful oil but I haven't heard of any reports of the oil being dangerous when used with children, but use with caution and take into consideration the age of the child and as it is so powerful look at the dosage - half the amount  is probably best and use it with a blend of other oils e.g Lavender.
Hope this helps
Nature's Mother

Thank you! We've always put a couple of drops of lavender oil in Erin's bath as we seldom use soap on her.  I presume that this can't do any harm?  It does seem to chill her out, which is what we need before bed!  I haven't got chamomile oil, but found a pot of chamomile tea in her bath has helped with nappy rash & general niggly-ness.

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