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Nappy Cakes Cornwall

The worst and the most useful gift you received as a new mum

Well actually I received nothing that was too awful, but I did receive a cot top changing tray of which at the time I thought was a bit odd as all of my friends seemed to use beds and floors and laps, but OMG, it was probably the best thing anyone ever brought me (it was even the mother in law). I still use it now for my 3rd and final little cherub who is nearly 2 and it has proved price less.

As for the best thing I recieved, well it was (apart from the obvious - healthy babies) was a dishwasher basket for the teets and a strange shaped bottle brush which did all the shapes and sizes of different bottles and then stuffed in the end was little rubber topped brush which you turned around and put on the end. (fab if you understand what I am on about) to do the teets.

Looking forward to hearing your best and worst gifts soon!!


My worst was probably the minature pair of Adidas trainers that my sister gave me when my first daughter was born!! Needless to say, they'd cost her a fortune & were never worn!

The best present was a box full of trashy novels from my dh's nan who remembers only too well how much time you spend sitting down & feeding in the early weeks.
Nature's Mother

most useful...a cot (although we only used it from 8 months)

worst...possibly a little pleated frock, I just couldn't put it on her... Laughing

We were given a floral nylon outfit for dd2 - little mob cap, frilly bloomers & dress lol ... I couldn't bear to touch it, let alone put it on her!!

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