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the dangers of Aspartame (in kids food/drinks!!)

Did you know that fruit shoots, a "healthy" juice drink for kids is actually only 10% fruit juice and has nasty preservatives and aspartame (in sweeteners) in it.  Always read ingredients of your and especially your babies food!! And avoid diet drinks at all cost.  What's wrong with good old water, milk, fruit juice and if necessary an occasional full sugar soft drink?  

The dangers of aspartame (never mind preservatives/colourings/flavourings).  No wonder there are so many health problems around these days!

Oh my goodness. That article is frightening. No fruit shoots for Isabel, not that she gets that sort of thing anyway. I am a little worried about the MSG I may have consumed during prenancy though!
Nature's Mother

I wouldn't worry too don't feed her msg now, do you? So don't worry, be happy.

The last paragraph is quite scary

Reading labels on food items is important but not sufficient.  Labeling regulations make it possible to conceal from the public information needed to make good decisions about diet.  For example, there are some circumstances in which a substance like aspartame or glutamate does not have to be shown on the label.  Often it is included under another term like "enhanced flavors or spices."  The public needs to be aware of these problems and demand more information.

I'm really careful about what i feed her now. We don't buy organic nearly enough but I do try to keep processed foods to a minimum. It's helping that I can't eat a lot of food at the moment with the diet I'm on it makes me pay more attention to what is in the food we are eating.
Anne Thomas

I'm really pleased to see this raised early, Sharon.  It's a really big issue.  Everyone thinks they are making such a healthy choice when they see products labelled as "sugar free" but they would be better off with the sugar.

Have you done any research on bottled water?

No I haven't...I know many people refuse to drink bottled water but can't say I'm sure why.  Personally I'm happy with filtered tap water. Tell us more?!
Anne Thomas

Environmentally they are bad:

Plastic products take a lot of energy to produce and whilst they may be 'recyclable', is this a good use of energy?  And then there are those that aren't separated into the recycling system and are just dumped.

Health-wise there are lots of doubts about the safety of plastics around food - and most of these doubts have been around for a long-time.  Remember concerns over using cling-film and foods?  Bacteria, plastic toxins leaching into foods, especially oestrogenic compounds which could interfere with our hormone health.  There are a few links to read below and whilst the jury is not fully out, bear in mind who writes the articles or reports in favour of using plastic.

I may be 'green' but I am aware that 'green' organisations are as guilty sometimes of scaremongering as other interested parties, so read with care.

As for tap water - which is what I use filtered (although be aware that most water filters are made from plastic), be careful about fluoridation of your water supply:

It is time we started to move away from plastic - it is now generally accepted that wooden chopping boards are healthier than plastic ones as they don't harbour bacteria as much as the plastic ones.
Nature's Mother

very interesting! I was aware of the cancer causing dioxins from plastic (water bottles) if they're heated or cooled and know plastic is bad for the environment, and I do avoid them.  Do you know anything about the quality of water that is this in fact better then filtered tap water?
Anne Thomas

There are varying reports of poor water quality in bottled water - sometimes contaminated with bacteria, sometimes too much of any one mineral.  In theory, bottled water is meant to run through the same hygiene tests as tap water as far as I know.  I think most of the contamination comes from contact with the plastic bottle.  You need to read the label carefully as some bottled water is tap water or spring water that has been transported and then filtered and worked on - rather than fresh from the spring.

Berkey Water Filters

I've been researching Berkey Water Filters lately - they look really good.  Does anyone have any experience with these?
Anne Thomas

I've never come across these before and just checked them out.  Is there a UK supplier do you know?  I am looking to replace my plastic Brita water filter with a glass or steel one - I think Brita now do a glass one.
Nature's Mother

To be honest I had never even thought about water filters not being fine  Shocked

I like you lot, I'm learning new things all the time, thank you!

Does anyone find it quite expensive to be natural? Do you think this is why a lot of people don't do it?

If I had to change my ways now it would mean buying a whole new jug & tossing my stock of current water filters...and that just somehow doesn't seem right either...what would you do? Obvioulsy I want to do the best for myself and my family, but I also have finances and wastefulness to think about. Do I risk getting too pedantic & obsessive and seeing danger in everything?

Oh, it's not easy being green!  Confused
Anne Thomas

I've been living with my plastic one for a couple of years now - even knowing the dangers.  As you say there is the element of wastage to consider. Yes, it is expensive being green, but good food costs more than bad food.  So good living costs more than bad living - but the benefits for all of us - and the planet - are there to be worked towards.  Cheap food and living costs the earth as they say.

Do you have plastic chopping boards?

I try to set myself a couple of things to change every now and then.  My current set that I am working on are:

Stop using all plastic bags - including recycling those for the bin under the sink - which means sorting a new bin out as mine is just a plastic bag holder
Research a new water jug and change when I have used all the remaining filters - if finances allow.  Otherwise at least I will have sorted out what I want to move on to when the money allows it
Sort out recyclable dogs (I have 2) poo bags - sorry!
Nature's Mother

I have just one large wooden chopping board, but it does seem to be going a bit mouldy around the edges.  It was a rather cheap tragos one, so may save up for a better one. Where do you get yours?

I think that's a great idea to set some goals...I think I will do the same.  Keep us posted if you find out more about water filters.

Many thanks for your fountain of knowledge & encouragement!
Anne Thomas

Actually my husband is a woodturner so he turns ours out of spare bits of wood.  Although he did buy me an end-grain board for chopping my herbs!

Try giving your board a good scrub in some hot soapy water.  And then oil it with some rosemary herbal oil - steep a couple of twigs of rosemary in some oil - sunflower for example - for about a week - and then oil the board.  Rosemary is a lovely protective herb - anti-viral, antibiotic, etc.  Leave the board to dry thoroughly and maybe repeat if it looks very dry.

Wood has inbuilt natural 'chemicals' which preserve it to some extent - but in the end it is a natural material and will break down.


How wonderful!  Would he be interested in making some wooden wands for my antique tibetan singing bowls from various soft woods do you think?

I just found a site called Kernow Rat that sells Berkeys!  Lol

Here is the link - and a little info on the filters...


removal to non-detectable levels:
E. coli - Klebsiella - Pseudomonas Aeruginosa - Giardia - Cryptosporidium

TRIHALOMETHANES removed to below detectable limits:
Health effects: muscle & nervous system disorders, cancer
Bromodichloromethane - Bromoform - Chloroform - Dibromochloromethane

RADIOLOGICALS removed to below detectable limits:
Radon 222

INORGANIC MINERALS removed to below detectable limits:

Nitrates, Nitrites, Rust, Silt and Sediment., Herbicides, Pesticides, Detergents, Nitrates, Nitrites HEAVY METALS reduced by up to 95%

Lead, Mercury, Aluminium, Cadmium, Chromium

You can also get Flouride filters for the Berkeys!

The filter itself is £161 though but looks like they are well worth it!
Nature's Mother

What it does sounds amazing!! Am I right in concluding that the whole system starts at £164, and then another £161 for the filters.  Do you know how often the filters need to be replaced or how much they cost?(sorry I did look at website but can't seem to find all the info)  

Also, is it wise to get a plastic water filter? What about dioxins? Would you go for the stainless steel one?
Anne Thomas

Hi Michelle - are you happy for me to pass on your email to my husband so he can contact you to discuss what you want?

Anne Thomas

These are out of my price range so I will continue to look.  Any new system for me would definitely not have a plastic storage jug.

Anne Thomas

Still on the subject of water filters, I came across the following which may be of interest to some:

If you click on 'shop' you'll find 'water filters'.


The story of bottled water

There's a great short documentary giving a bit of a rundown on the whole bottled water issue and it's very interesting indeed.

Check it out here:

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