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Sound Therapy

I'm a Sound Therapist and Vocal Coach (I specialise in working with women during Pregnancy and also with Children).

Sound Therapy can bring you back into a state of harmony and balance, quickly identifying and unblocking energetic and physical dis-harmony or dis-ease.

It can help you identify and work through Core Beliefs that may be limiting you.  It can also help you to prepare for birth, releasing fears, connecting you with your innate ability to bring new life into the world, whilst maintaining a calm, positive outlook which is so beneficial for the development of your baby in utero.

Your thoughts and feelings during pregnancy play a huge role in transmitting information to your baby who responds by developing for life in either a hostile or positive environment (depending on the messages it is receiving from you)... when you can remain in a constant state of movement, not getting stuck or limited by negative thought patterns but instead moving through them effortlessly you can create a wonderful environment for your baby not only during pregnancy but also after they arrive Earthside.  It's not about being unrealistic and only thinking positive thoughts, instead it is about moving towards harmony and recognising, learning from and releasing fears and limitations.

Sound Therapy is one of the fastest ways to achieve deep states of relaxation and altered states of awareness / consciousness.  If you'd like to experience it but are not sure about committing to a hours session I am happy to offer free 20 minute taster sessions.

I also run weekly Meditations for Mums to Be which use Sound - these are by suggested donation only (i.e. 10 would be great, but you pay whatever you can afford).

I'd love to hear from you if you are interested

Om Shanti Very Happy

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