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I discovered soapnuts a few months back. For those who don't know what they are (I didn't), they're real nuts that go in your washing machine & clean & soften your clothes instead of using washing detergents & fabric conditioners. They work fantastically, but now that we have moved into a smaller place without any garden, yard or dryer, the clothes seem to smell as they're taking longer to dry & the soapnuts have no chemical smell to drown out the "damp too long" smell.  So I've switched back to Ecover for now, but I'd like to continue with Soapnuts as they work out quite cheap & are more green.  Does anyone have any experience, suggestions or advice?

many thanks,
sharon x
Anne Thomas

Hi Sharon

I've not used the soap nuts but have used the ecoballs with mixed success.  They do clean the clothes - although if I wash at 30 as they suggest I find my machine smells.  And you don't need a fabric conditioner so although expensive to start, they work out cheaper in the long run.  The big downside I have found is that I find the pellets fall out of the balls and affect my machine - so I have had to stop using them.  A machine repair is a bit of an expensive option.  I would love to know if anyone else has had any experience with these:


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