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Welcome to our forum.  Please can all guests and members follow these simple rules:

1) Introduce yourself...just something short & sweet so we know who you are and why you're here

2) Please always remember to consider the feelings of the person to whom you are directing your post. Name calling, belittling, and general rudeness will not be tolerated.

3) Private Messages are a great way to communicate with people off forum - however spamming will not be tolerated. If anyone receives unsolicited sales private messages, please contact me.

4) Promoting businesses - I have started a topic for promoting your businesses.  People may suggest items from ranges they sell within context of a question posted in other parts of a forum, but they are expected to take part in discussions and not use the forum solely to promote their business.

5) Business signatures can be one line per business with a weblink and a short description. No recruitment ads allowed.

Members breaking these rules will receive a written warning. If they continue to break these rules their membership will be terminated. that's over with, go and have fun!

       Nature's Mother Forum Index -> Forum Rules
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