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Reflexology for overdue babies?

Hi Anne,

I have heard that you can use reflexology to help bring on labour (which is obviously very attractive to overdue women)  Is this true?  Can you share where the points are?

Many thanks
Anne Thomas

Hi Sharon

Yes it is possible to use reflexology to help promote labour, although I should clarify this by saying it can never be the decision of the reflexologist to try and bring on labour.  Stepping on the toes of midwives and medics at this time is not advisable or professional.

It is always better to have had reflexology for some time during the pregnancy - although this won't necessarily guarantee an on-time delivery.  Some of my babies have been late even when Mum has been having reflexology regularly throughout pregnancy.  I generally suggest weekly sessions as the due date approaches.  In the end, babies will come when they are good and ready.

Generally reflexology treatments throughout pregnancy will focus on the pelvic organs and the hormonal system whilst continuing to treat the 'whole'.  As the due date approaches I often suggest that Dad's (or anyone else like friends or grandmas) rub gently around the heel area which represents the pelvis, the big toe which represents the head area and means you can access the pituitary gland - one of the master hormone glands, and also the lower plantar arch of the foot which links to the bowel.  You could find these areas in any book you pick up, but PLEASE it is always best and safest to seek professional advice rather than being too independently diy!  Things work best when they are done 'holistically' and not in isolation.  I work closely with family - Dad's especially - so they learn the pressure and techniques appropriate to their wife/partner.

Having done everything by the book, labour can still be long - I have been present at a couple of long 11 and 13 hour births.  A bit of a marathon reflexology session - but joyous none-the-less!
Nature's Mother

Thank you for the tips Anne!  Smile

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