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Pregnant, breastfeeding and going away for 4 days in Jan...

Hi Adeline,

I wondered what your advice would be...Erin is now 19 months and I have just discovered I'm pregnant again (woohoo)!  It's really early days and I'm sooooo tired, but no sickness or anything.

I'm going away on my own for 4 days in January and am debating whether I should take the breastpump and express milk while I'm away to keep my milk supply up or if maybe it would be a good time to wean her, as I'm not sure I want to feed 2 children at once (does that sound terribly selfish?? - I can just imagine how complicated and tiring it must be).  She has just recently started going to the fridge and pointing for cows milk in the evenings instead of wanting breastmilk to go to sleep with...but is still breastmilk crazy in the early mornings. She's not bothered much in the day anymore either.  Do you think she is gradually self weaning?  My milk supply seems less since I've fallen pregnant.

If I did continue feeding, how would it work with my milk, as your milk is correct for the age of your I presume my milk would be right for the baby but perhaps too rich or something for Erin??? I'm a bit clueless, sorry.

Anyway, your views would be valued.

many thanks
sharon x

Hi Sharon,
So sorry I didn't see this question sooner.
How did the trip away go?
Feeding two children is entirely possible and the nutrition and closesness of breastfeeding continues to benefit the first child as well as the new baby. Your milk may be more laxative during pregnancy and especially when it first 'comes in' after the birth, but nature provides everything both babies need in your milk.
Some women find they feel hungrier and undoubtedly tandem feeding can be tiring, but also very rewarding, however, some women aim to wean before the birth of a second child as the dont feel comfortable with the idea of feeding siblings.
There are some good books about Tandem nursing which are often available to borrow from local breastfeeding peer support groups where you may also meet other tandem nursers.

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