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Pregnant again! woohoo!

Hello, just thought I'd share the happy news!  I am expecting number 2!  It's quite early days yet (I think around 8 weeks).   Very Happy

I've had no sickness yet (touch wood) but my sense of smell is really heightened and I'm sooo tired and have been a little short-tempered & emotional, but not nearly as much as I was with Erin.  I thought my hubby was going to want a divorce last time around I was so terrible to him!  

For some reason I am a little more nervous this time...I'm just slightly nervous about the birth.  I really want to be at home instead of the birthing unit this time, although the birthing pool was wonderful.  I hope it is going to go as wonderfully as Erin's birth did (and with any luck, it will be shorter!)  

I'm also nervous about breastfeeding, as I had it really easy with Erin and I've had mums tell me that different babies can feed quite differently and I don't want to believe that!! I want the next to be as easy as Erin.  I suppose being nervous about it is not going to help.

I guess the difference is that it is not as new and exciting the second time around as the first, and you kind of know what to expect, so you tend to think about different things.

Give me some positive feedback people...I need to shake the nerves!

yay! Congratulations!

I didn't know you were really feeling nervous? There is no need you will be as amazing this time as you were the last. Just trust your body and try not to listen to too much well meaning advice. I hope you can have a home birth, I loved nearly every minute of mine! If not I'm sure you will deal with whatever gets thrown your way and will love the experience because it will be how you bought your new little girl or boy into the world. I'm very excited!! xx
Nature's Mother

Can't believe I'm 30 weeks pregnant now!!! Almost time to start on Raspberry Leaf tea! Can't wait to meet our new little girl! (Nervousness has vanished!) xxx
Helen Swan

Hi Sharon it is great news about no. 2 and you are getting close now, how are the nerves???  Of course no. 2 babies often arrive nearer the mythical due date than first babies. And baby's head probably won't engage till right before or during labour.
Having said that, and for other's benefit, the due date is of course only the middle of the due month! so estimate anywhere from 3 weeks before to 2 weeks after, and do your best not to fret - it will only inhibit your birth hormones! I do dislike those words EARLY and LATE, they just make us feel more nervous and that's not helpful. Think DUE MONTH not due date.
How are your home birth plans going? I wish you luck with that. I had my first and only at home, felt like the most relaxing place for me. For other mums, hospital or a birth unit seems more relaxing so that is right for them. Stats show that for straightforward pregs, home is a bit safer than hospital!
Have you got a home birth pool?  You can use your bath tub with blutac to stop up the overflow (don't leave water running) but it's not too good to actually give birth in!
I hope you have good BF support.

It's natural to be worried, because what could be a bigger event than the arrival of a new child. Makes no difference it's not the first.
It is different for a second child, everyone thinks you know how to do it, but every one is different. And you have extra concerns, about how child no. 2 will fit into the family, and how your love can expand to take in the extra one, and whether you will ever manage to get out of a dressing gown. I know we all look forward to hearing your news and let me know if there is anything I can offer to help (homeopathic remedies for nerves??)

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