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Oils in pregnancy?

Hi there,

I have only really heard of Lavender and Sweet Orange essentials oils being safe during pregnancy.  Are there any others, and what would you use them for?

Many thanks

Safe Oils for pregnancy

So many aromatherapy books have conflicting reports about which oils are safe, this leaves the mum to be in a real quandary. Many of these recommendations have been handed down from therapists who have little or no experience in this field and often do not know the chemical constituents of an essential oil.
Mandarin has to be the top one to use - warming, comforting and also great for stretch marks when mixed with a base oils such as Sweet Almond, Grapeseed (for those with nut allergies) or a little known carrier oil called Centella.
Rose Oil is another oil that works particularly well if you are having an emotional time - a 1% dilution again in a carrier oil works well as a massage oil.
I could mention a list of oils but in my mind these are the two oils that work well.
All the best
Nature's Mother

Thank you! What are your thoughts on Clary Sage for labour?

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