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numb arms at night

I have a bit of a peculiar enquiry... in the last few weeks I have been waking up almost every night with my arms doesn't matter whether i'm sleeping on my side, tummy or back, both arms seem to go completely dead from just below the shoulder down every night.  It seems to have coincided with me falling pregnant too.  My back, between my shoulder blades is always quite tight and a bit achey...but that is quite normal for me.  I guess you'd probably need to do an examination to give me any answers, but have you heard of anything like this before??  I feel almost like there's some kind of blockage in the top of my arms...I wonder if it could be an energy-related thing.


Hello! Sincere apologies for not having responded much sooner to your question, I have been on maternity leave myself, and havent checked the site since Holly was born! I imagine you have had this sorted, but will answer anyway!
There are several reasons for this happening, the first being that you are pregnant and there are both hormonal and postural changes happening that will affect your posture and muscle activity.  The top four most common reasons for the arms going numb like that are T4 syndrome (which will knock out the nerve supply to both sides when the T4 is affected, or we would say subluxated), thoracic outlet syndrome (there are several muscles and joints which can be affected here such as the first rib, pec muscles etc), trigger points that are active (most commonly teres and infrapsinatus on the shoulder blade), or a cervical subluxation affecting either C5 or C6 (a disc problem would be unlikely in the neck unless you had prior injury such as a whiplash).
One of the things I have my pregnant patients do is use a tennis ball on the actual shoulder blade, standing against a wall, massage it into the muscle.  It will be tender, just 5 mins a side. and the same on the piriformis and glut muscles on the bum as the baby grows.
It is best to sort it sooner rather than later, as when you breastfeed, you use the same supporting muscles and you might find it hard to hold the baby for any length of time as the muscles tire!
Hope that helps! Again, sorry for such an enormous delay in response.

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