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Natural remedy for morning sickness..

Ginger is said to regulate a whole range of body porcesses and thereby prevent disease.  It is also believed to be an excellent treatment for all kinds of nausea, including morning sickness, as well as digestive & cirulatory problems.  A good one all round for pregnancy!  Available in tea form here  Otherwise available in most grocery stores in ginger root form.

Studies show that it is as effective as anti-nausea medicines! And of course you will not be putting medicine into your body that may cause side effects for you or effect or your teeny developing baby!

I hardly felt nauseaus during my pregnancy, but the few times that I did I found chewing on a bit of ginger root helped (I hadn't discovered the tea yet-pure, organic, powdered ginger root!-, which is delicious with honey or mixed in another tea such as rooibos).  

Some people believe that eating ginger biscuits help, but generally regular ginger nuts don't have enough ginger in them (and too much sugar) to have any positive effect.

I tried lots of ginger products but don't think any of them were strong enough. I had some ginger tea I bought from the supermarket but I think i really needed some good quality stuff. The other thing that worked for a short while were travel bands, but I found that these stopped working very quickly. Am now remembering morning sickness and how grim it was, yuk!

I totally have problems with nausea! Ginger works like a charm. I keep it in my bag and make sure I take it with me everywhere I go. I never know when morning sickness will hit and I'm suddenly going to need it!

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