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natural remedies/products?

Hi Everyone

I was just wondering who of you use natural remedies/therapies/products and for what?

Aliminium free deodrants?
Herbal teas?
Homeopathic remedies?
Aromatherapy Oils?

Many thanks for sharing
Sharon x

Sound Therapy & Meditation

I use meditation, positive visualisation and sacred sound (mantra, drums, tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls etc) for EVERYTHING!

Nature's Mother

I'd love to meet you and learn some tricks! Smile
Anne Thomas

On a regular basis I use (for myself, hubbie and dogs):

homeopathy, herbs, crystals, meditation, reflexology, indian head massage, healing, dowsing, essential oils, natural products such as rock crystal deodorant, washing powders and liquids, etc and avoid as many plastic and chemical based products as I possibly can.  I rarely buy herbal teas as they are expensive and are often 'flavouored' rather than the true herbs.  I grow or buy dried herbs to make my own teas.  I variably do or have done yoga, tai chi and chi gung.  I love to dance to music for my aerobic exercise - much cheaper and more fun than the gym.

Probably lots more too!


I have recently been introduced to homeopathy and as you know was a complete non beleiver until it cured thrush in my nipples, eczema on my little girls back and has allowed her to produce two teeth without a sleepless night compared to weeks of sleep loss with the last four. I am a convert!!!
Anne Thomas

That's fantastic Jolanky.  It's such a fabulous therapy and one definitely worth having as your 'main' health support.  That or herbalism.  I love both.

I'm glad it all went well.
Nature's Mother

Yay for Jo & Isabel!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!  Very Happy

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