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natural remedies for pregnancy?

Hi Everyone

I was just wondering who of you use natural remedies/therapies and for what? Did you use anything during pregnancy (if you were pregnant?)

Did you have heartburn - if so, what worked for you?
Morning sickness?
Did you use raspberry leaf tea and do you believe it works?
Was baby late...did you try anything to induce labour naturally?
Do you think it's better to try natural remedies before taking drugs?

Thank you for sharing!
Sharon x
Nature's Mother

Feedback please?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some feedback and constructive critism about my Natural Pregnancy Kit

After my pregnancy I did a lot of research on the natural products I used and thought it would be useful to put all this info in one place & make these products all available in one place.

My kit comes in a natural jute bag, with the guidance chart:

What's in the kit?

The New Active Birth Book by Janet Balaskas
Raspberry Leaf Tea (50g)
Floradix (250ml)
Stretch Mark Oil (100ml)
Perineum massage oil (10ml)
Ginger tea (50g)
Nettle tea (50g)
Chamomile tea (50g)
Arnica 30c (Approx. 100 doses)
Tea strainer

You can read about each thing by clicking on their names here

Would you buy this kit if you were pregnant? Would you recommend it to people who are pregnant?

Any feedback welcome,

Many thanks
Anne Thomas

Hi Sharon

I think your kit is excellent and I will certainly recommend it if I work with any new Mums.  Floradix, nettle, raspberry leaf and ginger teas (or biscuits/stem ginger) I nearly always recommend, along with arnica.  There are other things I have suggested but they have been suited to the individual at the time.  Lavender oil is something else I suggest regularly - a dilute massage oil to rub into the soles of the feet - helps to keep Mum and baby calm and is another way of reducing the birth trauma.

If you know the pack is going to someone local to you, why not include the option of a voucher for a massage if it's being bought as a present?

Nature's Mother

Thank you once again! That's very encouraging! Massage voucher is a great idea, why didn't I think of that?!  Smile


I think this is a great kit! I would buy it as a gift for friends and I love the massage certificate idea. Does your kit include anything for heartburn? I know that can be quite troublesome, so an easy way to take care of it would be appreciated!

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