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Natural deodrants?

I've been using the pit rock crystal deodrant for a few years now, however this summer with doing massage on the beach I have found myself sweating rather a lot   Laughing  so have reverted to a regular roll on (Dove).  Shocked  

Does anyone know of any other natural alternatives that may help, as I'm not keen on putting aliminium & other nasties onto my skin...

There is increasing concern about the effect of many of the ingredients in regular deodorants. Whereas antiperspirants block the pores and prevent perspiration (the body's natural way of getting rid of toxins), natural deodorants work by eliminating the bacteria which cause odour.

PitRok uses a “bacteriostatic” action that stops bacteria multiplying on your skin. This effectively prevents body odour by leaving an invisible layer of mineral salts that provide long-lasting protection without any stickiness or stains. PitRok natural deodorants are good for sensitive skin and unlikely to cause irritation. They do not contain aluminium chlorohydrate, parabens or triclosan and they leave pores unblocked so allowing the elimination of toxins.

Me too!

I use a crystal deodorant too... and sometimes I do sweat a little more than usual... and then I make sure I have extra wet wipes with me!  Lol.

If anyone out there knows the answer to this one I'd love to know too!


I stopped using deoderant altogether when I was pregnant as I couldn't stand the smell. Since then have just found that I don't need it anymore (at least I hope I am right about this). Someone did try to sell me an aloe deoderant once. It was supposed to be very reliable and with no nasty stuff. Might be worth a look
Anne Thomas

You might want to try Toms of Maine.  We use their toothpastes.  Their website is as follows:

It's an american website but you can buy the products easily enough over here.

On warm days, or when I am working I use a crystal deoderant and find it works fine for me.  But I don't seem to need anything as much as I used to - especially if I wear natural materials next to my skin.

Nature's Mother

Thank you all...I WISH I didn't need to use something, but I certainly do  Rolling Eyes I don't think the crystal is going to do much for me in Spain, but it works for my hubby.  How can I reduce sweat? Drink more water?

I have used Toms toothpaste too (it's fab) but am currently having a love affair with Kingfisher's fennel one!  Toms deos look great, I am going to try get one at the local health food store.

Happy Sunday xxx
Nature's Mother

A friend told me yesterday that Pitrok has "Ammonian Alum" in it, which is Aluminium Sulphate...yet they claim to be Aliminium free...anyone know anything about this???  Shocked
Anne Thomas

Pitrok's website claims that their products don't contain "alluminium chlorohydrate" but don't mention "alluminium sulphate" - they could be the same thing as chemistry is not my thing.

Green People's website claims their products don't contain "pore-clogging alluminium".

I guess they only way to find out for sure would be to contact them and ask them.

One thing of interest relating to one of your earlier posts: according to Green People's website "using an organic deodorate won't stop you sweating but, in conjuction with good basic hygiene, it will stop unpleasant odours".

Sweating is after all a safety mechanism of the body to stop us overheating.


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