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Nasty chesty cough

Hi Tim,

My 2 year old has a nasty chesty cough that keeps her(and us!) awake at night. We have got Nelson's Sootha cough syrup and she's also taking Sambucus (black elder berry & echinacea for little ones). Are there any herbs that may help?

We tried putting garlic cloves in her socks while she's asleep but that wakes her up even more because she can't bear having socks on in bed... We've also put a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil in her bath.

She got tonsillitis when we were abroad at the end of March (first antibiotics ever - she had a massive swollen lymph gland in her neck too), and since then she has had a cold, a funny feverish thing and sore ears, and now this damn cough...(her lymph node in her neck is slightly swollen again too!)

I'm desperate to get her better, she had such a strong little immune system before the tonsillitis and antibiotics...any tips?

many thanks
Helen Swan

Hi there
it's probably too late for this cough, but you might try Elecampane tincture for loosening mucus, add it to drinks along with the Echinacea. I am also a great believer in giving extra vit C for my own daughter, I open an Ester C capsule (viridian) and put half into juice along with the herbals. She is 12. for a two yr old, less is appropriate. Put a whole one in a drink but give it in installments thru the day.
Sublingual zinc powder is also a good preventive and we use it during colds (higher nature product). Both taste pleasant.
Consult me or someone similar about dose.

Homeopathically you might try Scilla 30 for a loose cough after a cold, and Pulsatilla is often also useful, but best to take individual advice from a homeopath regarding remedy and dosage.

Children's coughs always sound appalling. Their breathing tubes are so narrow, the mucus rattles a lot, and little ones don't understand about breathing through their mouths so they really struggle. However, often it's the parents who have the hardest time: children are very resilient.

If your child is prone to colds and coughs, as ours was, we found a daily vitamin made a huge difference, we used Higher Nature dinochews for a while but are now on Viridian children's mini multivits ('Viridikid'). micro capsules. if they cannot yet swallow these, you can open them and stir into a drink. Also check out, they do multivit powders and drops suitable for children.

best wishes

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