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Lucozade Test

Hello everyone,

My wife and I are due a baby in July and we were told a few weeks ago about this Lucozade test, to see whether she's got pregnancy diabeties.

Now, we eat a fairly balanced, organic diet and don't have too much sugar. We would certainly never buy or drink Lucozade and especially not while Jenny (my wife) is pregnant. It's owned by GlaxoSmithKline who are big supporters of biotechnology, so the drink may very well contain GM ingredients. And even before finding that out, some of the ingredients are questionable and the test involves drinking almost an entire bottle.

The dilemma is that we don't want to risk the health of the baby by not doing the test and it turning out that Jenny has got pregnancy diabetes. But at the same time we don't want to risk the health of the baby drinking such horrible stuff. The fact that hospitals actually condone the drinking of it seems madness to us (along with many other things hospitals do though really).

So I need all of your help and opinions. My current thinking is that perhaps we'll just cut down sugar even more, just in case, and then not bother with the test. What did women do before this test was available, y'know?

Anyway, if any of you can help that would be amazing.


Nature's Mother

Hi Joe,

I admittedly don't know anything about pregnancy diabetes.  I'm 30 weeks pregnant with number 2 and have never been offered such a test. I'd say if Jenny's showing no signs of being unwell there would be no reason to do the your instinct. If you're leading a healthy lifestyle I'd say there's very little reason for concern as pregnancy diabetes generally occurs in those overweight or who eat/live unhealthily. Maybe someone has better advice.  

Just by looking it up it looks like they should just be able to take a blood sample...what's up with the lucozade?? sounds weird to me! I'd refuse it personally.

Keep us posted.

Thank you

Hey Sharon,

Thanks for replying. I agree and having read a bit more on gestational diabetes it seems ridiculous to worry about it. All the solutions offered if you are found to have it we're already doing!

So yeah, wish us luck and thank you again for your good sense. It's nice to speak to someone on a similar wavelength.

Happy Vibes,


what i know about Lucozade Test. About 2 in 100 women develop raised blood sugar during pregnancy. This is known as "diabetes of pregnancy" or "gestational diabetes". If this happens and is NOT treated, it may cause problems for your baby. Your baby may grow larger than normal which can make delivery more difficult. It may also cause the baby's blood sugar to be too low at birth.

Proper treatment can prevent these problems. Therefore you may be offered a screening test to check that your blood sugar is within normal limits. This is simply a drink of Lucozade followed by a blood test. This test is best done between weeks 28-30.

Full instructions will be given to you by your midwife. If the result of the Lucozade test is raised it will be necessary to perform a further test to confirm the result.

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