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Nappy Cakes Cornwall

Labour lengths

Hello everyone

Just trying to help get some discussions going. I have had 3 children, a boy and 2 girls naturally and each time my labour time halved. Has anyone had a similar experience or did it get longer?
Nature's Mother

My labour for DD was 13 hours, so I hope mine at least halves next time around! Did you have your babies in hospital?
Nappy Cakes Cornwall

Where they were born

Yes, I had all 3 of mine in hospital. One in Portsmouth, one in Yeovil and One here in Helston, which is just a birthing unit. Hubby is in the Navy, hence so many different hospitals. I had an interesting experience with the first one. I was doing pretty well and then some Paediatric Surgeon came in and said "I am so sorry Mrs Knight" we won't be able to prep theatre for 2 hours as there is someone in there already having a c/section"
I didn't freak at all, I just casually asked her - during a massive contraction, do you actually think you have the right Mrs Knight????? - It turned out that I was right and there was another Mrs Knight!! Thank god as hubby had to go back to work the next day. Typical !!
Nature's Mother

OMG! I would have totally freaked out!!! How was it with hubby back at work so soon? xxx

PS Erin was also born at Helston birthing unit!
Nappy Cakes Cornwall

Labour Lengths

It was ok. Baby George (not so baby now) was a very content baby. He used to sleep loads, and he went down at 10pm woke at 2am or 3am and then again at 6am to 7am, and then he would go back to sleep for a couple of hours, so I was really lucky. The girls were good too, but it was always me up in the night no matter what!! I think husbands/boyfriends, turn a deaf ear sometimes.

The worst bit was everyone came down to visit us on the weekend and it was day 5 (milk kick in day) and god was I teary. Heel prick test day too and no-one would get the message that I needed 1 hour on my own. That was and is the hardest thing about having a baby I think.

I must admitt, I don't think I could have anymore now. I get quite tired thinking about it !!!

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