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Is she getting enough?


I've been breast feeding my little girl for about 3 months.  She seems restless and unsettled sometimes and people say she's probably not getting enough milk. She's my first and I was hoping to breastfeed solely for coming on 5/6 months but the constant comments about her looking hungry or needing to start solids is making question myself....I want to do the best by her but everyone seems in such a rush! There are other reasons for her to look unsettled after all...what do you think from your own experience?


First of all congratulations and well done for feeding her these last months. You should be very proud. Getting feeding established can be testing, especially without much support or amid critisizm.
Until at least 6 months, your baby needs no food or drink other than your breastmilk and there is every reason to believe that provided she is producing lots of wet nappies, and that she is gaining weight, she is getting enough milk. Signs to look for that will back this up are... a really good latch, where she is able to get lots of your breast in her mouth and takes long slow sucks and swallows, eventually dropping off the breast naturally. You can always swap sides more than once if necessary during a feed, and put her to the breast often. It's best if you can look for and read her feeding cues, as crying is a late sign of hunger. Babies of this age need to feed frequently, day and night, and this will help to keep your supply stimulated so that she always has plenty of milk available.
Try to put other people's opinions out of your mind. You are the expert on what your baby needs. Introducing any type of supplement holds risks for your baby. Formula fed babies are more susceptable to food allergies, asthma and eczema, obesity and diabetes, respitary disease, infections and more. It should only be used as a last resort.
Breastfeeding is also best for you, reducing chances of osteoporosis, cancers and arthritis.
Do you have a BF peer support group near you? Most children's centers have them and I think you would benefit from their reassurance that your baby is not hungry, and look at other possible reasons for her restlessness. Perhaps she is having a growth spurt and is trying to increase your supply or simply loves to be cuddled and reassured. All babies have their own personalities and go through many phases. She may simply be a more demanding baby at present. I hope this helps.

is she getting enough?

Thanks for that...I'm suprised how much the frequent "oh she must be hungry" anytime my baby fusses has contributed to a lack of confidence... Family or friends obviously mean well but I've not really been surrounded by BF prior to having my own baby so I haven't really developed the confidence that perhaps I would have if this was my second or had friends going through similar things.  At 22 I'm the first of my friends to have a baby. I will look into a breastfeeding group because although it always feels a bit awkward at first thats probably the sort of support I'm looking for. The health visitor is suggesting I consider starting baby rice as my baby was "big" at 9lb 10. I was sure about 6 months was best... certainly my baby seems fit and puts weight on fine.Truthfully I'm glad to have got this far as in the hospital my baby was in special care and I was in tears trying to get help to establish breast feeding.  I had to push to get help with expressing whilst she was in special care and I was so exhausted I could hardly face it. I'm sorry to go on but I thought some background might be useful.  I'll let you know how I get on.Thanks.

I really feel from what you have written that a BF support group is exactly what you need.
Straight after  birth, it can be hard to get out and face social situations, but an environment that supports and nurtures BF mums is a blessing.
Bosom Buddies in Redruth, for example, offer help and advice, a shoulder to cry on and friends to laugh with. To top it all, peer supporters practicaly squable amongst themselves to hold your baby for you while you put you feet up and enjoy a delicious FREE lunch! What could be better? Every one's in the same boat(sleepless nights, sore boobs)and no one will advise you to start a baby who is younger than six months on packet food, I promise!
Why not give it a go?

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