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Injection for delivery of placenta - is it necessary?

The syntometrine injection is routinely offered these is to speed up the delivery of the uterus and reduce amount of bleeding after birth...but is it always necessary?

Your body has excess blood while you're pregnant anyway.  I didn't have it and delivered the placenta without any trouble within an hour.  this meant that Erin could be placed straight on my chest after birth without me worrying about hurrying placenta's out, etc.  I think this is crucial to the bonding process and really great for breastfeeding, I'm happy that I made the choice I did. What are your thoughts or what were your experiences?

I had the injection but it still took ages to deliver my placenta. I'm not sure it made a lot of difference to be honest. In the end I kind of remember them pulling on the cord to help it out, very weird feeling and quite gross really. Maybe I just imagined this though! If I had my time again I wouldn't bother with it, but my views on injections have changed since having Isabel.

       Nature's Mother Forum Index -> Labour & birth
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