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How does it work?

Hi Anne,

Could you give me a brief idea of how reflexology works? (I've never had it  Shocked but have wanted to for ages!)

Many thanks
Anne Thomas

How does it work seems to be a good place to start and requires a bit of a 2-pronged answer - the mechanics of how touching the foot can affect the body, and then how those mechanics bring change.  I will base my answer on working reflex zones on the feet.

For the first part, the truthful answer is that we don't really know.  The overall priniciple is that the whole body is mapped onto the feet: left foot maps the left side of the body, right foot the right side.  Toes are the head and the heel is the pelvis.  Spine runs down the middle of the foot on both feet.  Organs are mapped according to their location in the body, so for example the liver reflex zone is on the right foot and the spleen reflex zone is on the left foot, mirroring their positions in the body.  Touching or working these reflex zones elicits change in those organs and the overall foot treatment works the 'whole' on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Lots of theories abound as to why touching a point on the foot will bring change to a specific part of the body but I won't be testing you on those.  You'll just have to trust that by whatever means, touching the foot does bring change to the body.

The signals or electrical impulses or whatever link into the 'whole' to promote deep relaxation on all levels,  to help improve and strengthen blood and lymphatic circulation and the immune system, eliminate toxins from the system, improve nerve supply, break down congestions or 'blockages' in the body (or mental, emotional or spiritual aspects), and switch on the body's own innate healing mechanisms.  Etc, etc.  These things then create an holistic change on all levels, which can bring about improvements and change in our health and well-being.  Long-term clients find their overall resiliance and resistance to illness is improved.

Just as a postscript, reflexology can be applied by working on the hands, ears and face as well as the feet.  All equally effective and lovely to receive!

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