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House with a Casual Style

Every house can be decorated depending on a personís style. The styles help one to focus on oneís likes and dislikes and decorate a room that expresses oneís unique taste.

One of the styleís that gives a homey, warm, comfortable and inviting look is a casual style. Casual rooms are simple, have textured elements in fabrics and accessories, restful horizontal lines, low-luster surfaces, soft upholstery and arrangements without perfect symmetry. The elements used are generally rectangular or softly curved.

The furniture used in this style is generally soft and comfortable. The upholstery is oversized and slip covered. The upholstered furniture is covered in neutral colors like tan, gray, beige or off-white. A peaceful feeling is brought about by soft pastels. Darker tones such as navy, rust, olive, forest green, wine and cranberry can also be used. Textured fabrics on furniture and pillows are preferred than shiny. Ruffles, pleats, buttons, ribbon or cording can be added on upholstered pieces for special accents. To give a casual look, the furniture should be long, large and horizontal rather than †† vertical, tall and petite. To give a comfortable feeling the tables are chunky and of a large scale. This creates a restful look. The furniture is generally arranged on the diagonal, cutting off sharp corners. As the focus is on creating an easy feeling, no matched pieces are required. For furniture pieces and wood flooring, light woods are preferred. Carved wood, hammered iron, antiqued brass, wrought iron, porcelain can be used as hardware on doors and drawers. Bedrooms in this style should have a comfortable quilt and a mountain of pillows.

With the rising real estate Kochi prices the necessity to beautify a house has also become important. People are putting in more time and effort to beautify their homes and be the proud owners.


When it comes to choosing your flooring, find a product that is durable and cost efficient. It's very important that we choose the right wood flooring materials that we will use at home. It's mandatory to read different types of flooring reviews at and their uses. When you are sure what to buy, look for some discount code, so you can save money and get the flooring that you deserve.

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