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homeopathic remedies and deciciencies and metal toxicity

Hi. I have been having what i thought were hormonal problems for about 4 years now. I am a 28 year old female. i have been suffering from hair loss, acne, mood swings, depression, migraines, among other symptoms. I had been on the same birth control for abot 5 years with no problems when all this started. i thought i was reacting to the birth control so i got off it. everything got worse for the 8 months i was off. i then started a new birth control adn after a few months on that i started getting better. i never got all the way better, but much better. after about 2.5 years on that birth control i started going down hill again with the same symptoms. So i decided to get off of it. i went to a integrative doctor 2 months after getting off my birth control and she tested me for testosterone hormones and thyroid hormones, vitamin deficiencies, gluten sensitivities, and heavy metal toxicity. she wants me off gluten. she said i am low in zinc, B12, folate, very low in D, magnesium, calcium, protien. she also said i have high amounts of aluminum and arsenic in me. so she has me on vitamin supplements and eating garlic and cilantro for the toxicities and eliminating the sources. she said my testosterone is fine and my thyroid is making hormones but my receptors are a little slow.
-so my question is if this is my problem, then why did my symptoms        temporarily get better on birth control?
-do you think the supplements and remedies she gave me will help adn how long will it take to see it happening?
-why do i have such deficiencies and toxicity levels?? i eat very clean and healthy, try to most of the time anyway. I just dont understand.
is it the gluten?? because my gluten test wasnt that bad and i dont have celiac or anything.
Any help on this would be so great.
my doctor is 6 hours away and is has a thick polish accent so phone conversations are a little challanging.
she seems like she is very smart and i am hoping her way of helping me work.

I'm really struggling to find one that is vegan, has more than 10% RDA calcium in it, is ok for a 2 year old, and does not have artificial sweeteners in it...there doesn't seem to even be a vegetarian one that's fits the criteria!

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