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Home or hospital?

Hi Evony,

I'm not pregnant but I just wondered what your thoughts were on home and hospital births?


Home or hospital?

Hi Everyone!

What a big question! For mums who are fit and well, having healthy babies, then home is as safe as hospital birth, and has the added advantage of meaning you are at less risk of interventions, and more chance of having a normal birth.

Birth in hospital can be an amazing and positive experience too, but remaining at home for the birth encourages your body to labour instinctively, and helps the hormones flow!  is the best website I know about homebirth.

Love Evony x

I had an amazing home birth with my daughter Isabel. Lots of people told us that we were mad to consider a homebirth for our first baby but I had a very healthy pregnancy and just felt it was the right thing to do. My labour was fairly short considering Isabel was my first and I would definately recommend it. Unfortunately I had to go to hospital to have a second degree tear stitched, I think I will look into whether I could have left it to heal naturally before I have my next baby.

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