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Herbs to prevent post partum haemorrhage

Hi Claire,

I'm new here and I was hoping you could offer me some advice.  Immediately after giving birth to my first child, I experienced severe post partum haemorrhage (losing 1.2lt blood).  I am currently trying for my 2nd child and have been reading up trying to find out if there is anything I can do to help prevent a haemorrhage occuring again as it was very, very scary!!  

I have read good reports about raspberry leaf tea and also some on nettle infusions.  However, the advice seems very conflicting.  Are both of these safe to use and at what stages during pregnancy?  Also, how much/how often?

I would be grateful of any information you could provide me with.

Thanks Very Happy

Post Partum bleeding

Hi Clare

I wondered if I could add onto this question.  I am due in April and am currently on 5000ul Fragmin injections twice a day treating a suspected PE (blood clot) - I have to stop the injections at the first signs of labour and then will start them afterwards for 6 weeks.  I am worried about bleeding post partum as my blood will be so thin.  They have said at the hospital that they will give me some kind of drip during labour (not ideal) with a drug to stop me bleeding heavily.  Would having herbs be possible as well - or is it best to keep it separate?



HI all
I had a PPH with my first child (due to early loss of her twin), and after a heavy miscarriage a year later, and used CAYENNE pepper to stop the bleeding. It was absolutely disgusting but really worked for me. I took a teaspoon mixed with yogurt and pineapple (GROSS and fiery hot) every hour for about 4 hours, then as and when I needed it according to the level of blood loss.  You cannot use this as a prophylactic (to prevent it before birth) but once the placenta has come out you can, just be wary when breastfeeding (my little one was not so impressed and chucked up a few feeds!!).
Also, just because you had  PPH the first time does not mean it will happen again.  My second birth (also at home) was fine, no PPH no stress.

Nature's Mother

Hi All,

I am in the process of finding a new herbalist to answer your questions as Claire is too busy to continue as resident Herbalist.  Hope to get you answers asap!

tim salisbury

Hi, to answer your question you really need to know why the PPH occurred in the first place. If you were anaemic before then Nettles is definately the way to go. As I've said in a previous answer Raspberry leaf tea in the latter stages is a really good idea as its a uterine tonic as is alfalfa. these can easily be taken as teas. You can also look at cayenne pepper either in tincture form or a good pinch in a cup of hot water. Be warned it is really hot! finally, just because you were unlucky and suffered with PPH the first time it doesn't neccessarily mean you will again. Hope this helps. Tim


HI Tim!!
Great to see you aboard here!!

TIM is fantastic and grows a lot of his own herbs on his farm here locally.
All the best!

Maryellen Very Happy

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