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herb teas for baby tummy troubles

Hi, do you have any suggestions for a friend of mine who has a seven month old baby with tummy troubles? He gets a tummy ache with various solid foods including green vegetables and cheese, or if mum eats certain foods and passes it in her breastmilk. My friend is keen to continue breastfeeding and is on a restricted diet. She would like to try giving her son her herb teas for his digestion, and understands that chamomile and fennel are both good, but we have been unable to find any indication of quantity, strength or frequency for a baby this age. What would you advise?
Nature's Mother

Hi Adeline,

I'm sure Claire will confirm, but I read somewhere that you could give a couple of teaspoons of normal tea dilution from when they were quite little.  I used to give Erin a bit of very diluted chamomile tea in a bottle when she had tummy troubles when she was around that age.  Better wait for Claire to confirm though...

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