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I have not have had to experience this and my heart goes out to those of you who have.

We've experianced 5 miscarriages during the last 6 years.  But fortunately the 2 boys I've manage to give birth to make up for all the sadness and loss we went through after each miscarriage.
We don't know why we lost all those babies, and I don't think we'll never know, but it has given us a new appreciation of life, and our aim in life now is to help people who can't have children, and try to prevent unnessesary disregard for those sacred little miracles called babies.
Nature's Mother

Wow! That must have been impossibly difficult! What you're doing now is amazing! Well done for staying so positive. xxx

Hi all,
That's really nice one and good one forum to help others and have the better one and useful advices there for the person's who facing the troubles and difficulties........ Nice job.........

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