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HELP! Flea infestation!

Hi everyone,

I discovered a few flea's on our cat the other day and treated her immediately and she no longer has them, and suddenly we have millions of fleas all over the house!  We don't have carpets, we have wooden floors and I am convinced that they've just hatched and are jumping out from between the floorboards or something.  We've only been in our place for 6 weeks and we've been away for 3 weeks of those (our cat has too!).  Is it possible that she's brought in all these fleas so quickly? Friends seem to think that they must have been layed before we moved in to have so many around so suddenly.  I'm in two minds as to whether I should approach our landlady...

Anyway, these buggers are constantly on us, and especially Erin which completely freaks me out..I obviously don't want to use chemicals if I can help it as the whole house will need to be treated and Erin STILL puts everything in her mouth, so I've ordered something called Diatomateous Earth which we will sprinkle over everything(without inhaling the dust) and then sweep away, as well as Neem Oil which I intend to mix with water and use as a spray.  I have read mixed things about both...but they seem like our safest option.  Does anyone have experience of these? Or any other ideas?


No suggestions ... but I'm itching just reading your post Laughing
Nature's Mother

I swear they're even in my hair...I've gone completely paranoid!  Laughing

Did you know the buggers can jump 9 inches, and that they only need to suck blood once every 2 weeks or so...which means we have a LOT of fleas, not just the same couple revisiting us. Damn! this is awful! scratch scratch scratch. I'm gonna get them!  Evil or Very Mad
Nature's Mother

By the way, we sorted this problem effectively with food grade Diatomaceous Earth. Fantastic stuff. We put it in our cats food to deworm her too!

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