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Hello and welcome to the Nature's Mother forum!  

My name is Sharon Mackay. Ever since my fairly recent and wonderful experience as a pregnant woman, I have felt compelled to pass on the benefit of my experience by sharing what Iíve learnt and providing the natural products that I found most useful to other pregnant women & new mums.  This is how Nature's Mother was born and why I decided to start this forum!  Please feel free to give me feedback and suggestions!

I am also involved in the National Chilbirth Trust in Cornwall.  I was running a Bumps & Babes Group (but have run out of time for that at the moment) and am the Newsletter Editor for Cornwall.  I am also a massage therapist and am busy doing a yoga teacher training course.

My little one, Erin Petal,  is now 15 months old.  She's such a lovely little earth child.  Now that she's toddling she certainly does keep me and my wonderful husband on our toes!

I look forward to meeting you online!

Love and light,
Sharon  Smile


I'm totally nowhere NEAR pregnant or being ready to be (waiting to be married first!), but I think it'll be interesting to read what other people have to say and what questions they've got.  The better prepared I am for when that day comes, the happier I'll be Very Happy


Nature's Mother

Hi Cheyenne,

Thank you for joining us! I hope you learn loads and we look forward to your contributions.  

Warmest wishes

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