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Hello from Heartsong!

Hi I'm Michelle,

I am newly pregnant and have a 27 month old son Tate who is still breastfed.  I plan to allow him to self wean.  

I am a conscious parenting, natural immunity advocate and a Sound Therapist / Singer.

My background is in television and the music industry as a Singer and Vocal Coach but these days (when I conceived my son EVERYTHING changed!) :0) I run meditation classes for mums and mums to be and also meditation and positive thinking classes for children.  I also run one to one sessions and group workshops.

I'm in the middle of writing a book about Sound Therapy and Parenting too and I've just started recording a meditation cd for mums and mums to be and I've just finished one for children - full of positive affirmations (I'm very inspired by Dr Bruce Lipton and epigenetics).

I'm very excited to be here and to be pregnant again!  How lovely!

Nature's Mother

Hi Michelle,

It is wonderful to have you here with us!!  Where do you offer your meditation classes? And how do you do meditation classes for children Shocked ? Wow! Sounds very intriguing!

What is Sound Therapy? Is it all about singing & chanting? How do you do Sound Therapy with someone & why? I find sound very therapeutic myself and have recently learnt some lovely mantras (i'm doing a yoga teacher training course).  It's quite weird & very wonderful but I feel like all my cells in my body are affected by it & it resonates through me for ages afterwards. Do you run a singing group? What types of things do you sing?

Sorry for all the questions...and very many congrats on your pregnancy!! How is it all going?  

Ooh, also, would you mind telling us in the breastfeeding section about how you're still BF Tate, and what made you decide to let him self wean? (I'm still feeding Erin at 16 months, but just don't think she'd ever self wean...she loves BF so much...and so do I!)

Much love, s xxx
Nature's Mother

I saw this on Youtube and thought of you Michelle!  Did you sing during your last labour?  

What a wonderful idea, singing during labour! I may try it next time!

Hehe... I wouldn't call it singing per se but I definately made use of sounding while I was in labour last time!  Growling like a tiger, using positive affirmations outloud, that sort of thing.  I may try all out singing with this one!

Everything in our universe is made of energy vibrating at a certain frequency.  In this way you might say that everything is made of sound.

Sound has been used for thousands of years as a powerful force for healing.  It is one of the oldest methods of healing and most of the indigenous people of the earth use sound for this purpose - so have many ancient civilisations.

Sound Therapists work on the assumption that we all have our own unique frequencies when we are running optimally but because of the various stressors in our lives we can be pulled out of tune.  Sound Therapy helps you come back into tune with your optimal frequencies so that you can be completely balanced.  In this way you can stop disharmony/stress/"negative" emotions on the energetic levels from manifesting in the physical as an illness or dis-ease.

Each chakra is rebalanced and energetic blockages are removed so that the prana or life force can flow more readily.

I do use the voice yes.  My background is as a vocal coach in tv and the music industry so it was a natural progression for me to go into Sound Therapy... I'm fascinated by the human voice and by the effects that sound has on us - both positive and negative!

I do a lot of mantra and toning through the chakras.  I also overtone.  

I haven't moved to Cornwall yet but when I do I will be running regular sound meditations and one to one sessions if anyone is interested in a little more harmony in their life!  :0)
Nature's Mother

Hi Michelle, have you moved to Cornwall yet?? How is your pregnancy and your business venture going? xxx

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