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Anne Thomas


Hello everyone

My name is Anne Thomas and I am a practising reflexologist (I also do Indian Head Massage but reflexology is my big passion).

I have been in practise for 15 years and during that time have had many clients with many presenting health problems, including strokes, cancers, bad backs, shoulders, necks or other skeletal issues, arthritis, osteoporosis, circulation problems and the list could go on.  Along with those who just love having their feet massaged.

Obviously more pertinent to this lovely website are the lovely clients I have worked with through sub-fertility, into and through pregnancy, through the birthing and then continuing to work with the whole family - Mum, Dad and children!  I qualified as a maternity reflexologist in 2002.  I have two ongoing families who have reflexology on a continuing and regular basis, who between them have 5 children, 4 of whom I helped deliver with reflexology and then had the greatest pleasure of working on tiny, tiny feet of the little new borns!  Very special - usually followed by the little new born vomiting or pooing all over me!  Reflexology is very good at getting rid of gunk in the body!

My 'reflexology' children are now 9, 7, 4, 20 months and 16 months - or thereabouts.  I also work on a few other children with varying health problems.

I look forward to joining in with the various debates and to helping answer any questions that might come my way.

Warmest wishes to everyone
Anne Thomas
Nature's Mother

Hello & welcome Anne!

Thank you for joining us! We're looking forward to your column!

Warmest wishes

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