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I have just discovered that a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a little water is the best (and cheapest) cure for heartburn! It doesn't taste amazing, but it's bearable, and works within seconds...just thought I'd share! xxx
Helen Swan

That's great and I am glad it helps you
heartburn sufferers can also try Slippery Elm
this totally mild and safe herbal supplement is available as capsules, or cheaper as powder. It is helpful for all inflammatory digestive conditions, and for heartburn, the powder is brilliant because it coats the gullet right down to the stomach. Ask in local health shops.
Mix 1 tsp with a little cold water to a paste, like custard powder, then top up to a cupful or mugful and stir, with warm milk or water as desired, and drink. Can be sweetened.
It coats and protects the digestive tubes and is especially useful for those suffering heartburn on lying down, take a cup beforehand. You can also take it before or after a meal.

Helen Swan RSHom Nature's Mother Homeopath

I'm not sure what bicarbonate soda is. Where do I buy it? Unfortunately, I get heartburn regularly. I had it today, in fact. I'd love to have an alternative method to fixing it when I run out of my medication. I need to get some short term health insurance before I can refill my prescription.

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