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Good day to you!

Hello there!

My wife and I are due to have our baby in July and I was just recommended this forum. It seems like it's going to be a brilliant place to be and I'm really pleased to have found it!

We're planning on having a natural home birth and we're both very excited to meet the baby. Right now Jenny (my wife) is about 14 weeks pregnant.

So I'm sure we shall be on here fairly regularly!

Look forward to meeting you all,

Nature's Mother

Hi Joe

Welcome! It's lovely to have you on here!  Congrats to you and Jenny on the pregnancy, and hope you get some good tips!

How has the pregnancy been so far?


Hi Joe!

Congratulations!  How are you both finding the process so far?  :0)

Hi Joe Smile
Congratulations on expecting your first baby - and welcome to the forum.

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