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Ethical pregnancy vitamins

I eat a pretty well balanced diet, but have recently turned vegan and having looked into the quantities of nutrients that are recommended during pregnancy I've realised that my diet (vegan or not) is going to really struggle to tick all the boxes (especially since I'm breastfeeding my toddler still, too).  

I have been taking Solgar Prenatal Nutrients which I thought were really good, but I've recently been told that Solgar is somehow connected to Monsanto (the GM people), so would like to find an alternative.  Anyone know anything about Viridian or any others?  

Also looking for a multivitamin for my 2 year old, just to boost her on the days when she's being a fussy eater!

many thanks xxx
Helen Swan

Sorry for delay

Yes you can rely on Viridian to be ethical, and vegan where possible
The people who started Viridian did so because they were unhappy with Solgar tho I cannot tell you why
Viridian pregancy supplement is vegan
check out their website for more info
I have been dealing personally with Viridian for years and they are better than most companies, and I can supply at 10% less than retail tho you will have to pay postage and a local shop would probably work out about the same. Contact me at
Nature's Mother Homeopath

It's so hard to find good vitamins. Thank you for the recommendations! I prefer to just get my own prenatal vitamins. My doctor wants me to take these prescription ones, which would force me to get short term health insurance to pay for it.

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