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Elderflower bubbly - recipe anyone?

DH and I have made our first attempt at Elderflower Champagne, with a recipe off the internet.  It's delicious, but very very very sweet...much sweeter then other's I've tasted - dh won't even drink it.  Does anyone have a well loved recipe?

Thanks x
Anne Thomas

Hi Sharon

I know the season is now past, but I thought I might bring this back up as it is nearly time to make things with the elderberries.  I have never made elderflower champagne, just the cordial which I love.  My recipe is as follows:

2.5 tsps citric acid
4 lb sugar
2.5 pints water
2 sliced lemons
20 heads or more of elderflowers

Put citric acid and sugar in a saucepan and a little of the water to heat gently and dissolve.  Add rest of water and bring to boil.  Put lemons and elderflowers in a large bowl/bucket and pour the water solution over the flowers and lemons.  Cover and leave for up to 5 days in a cool place, stirring morning and evening.  Strain into clean bottles.  I sometimes put some of the bottles into the freezer to prolong the supply - in which case you shouldn't fill the bottles right to the top to allow room to expand.

With the berries you can make a syrup or jam which is great for children stirred into some hot water - its full of vitamin c and lots of other goodies for the immune system.

Nature's Mother

Thanks for that! Do you have a favourite syrup recipe?

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