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Echinacea in pregnancy

Hi Tim,


I've noticed that Echinancea bottles normally advise not to take it while pregnant and breastfeeding. Do you know the reason for this? Is it because if has not been tested and the companies are just being cautious, or can it actually be dangerous?  What are the alternatives to giving your immunity a boost while pregnant/breastfeeding?

many thanks
tim salisbury

Hi, right, firstly you shouldn't take echinacea whilst pregnant since it boosts the bodies defence mechanisms which are reduced so that they do not attack the baby in the womb. Breast feeding is a different matter, Mum's immune system is sending across the antibodies in the correct dosage rates so that the baby can A) take them on and start to build its own defence system and B) use them to react to any infection that Mum has herself. The baby should not be given echinacea. It should not be usede to try and boost a developing system. There are other herbs that are gentler and can be targeted for specific conditions. Hope this helps. Tim

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