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Does a tear need stitching?

Hi Evony,

After replying to Natures Mothers post it got me thinking about tears and whether they need stitching. I thought this may be something that you could give some advice on? Can you leave second or even third degree tears to heal naturally and if so are there benefits and draw backs to doing this? I had a really bad expereince being stitched after a borderline second degree tear (just short of a third degree) and am still having problems 15 months after, I wonder whether I could have avoided all of this.


The general opinion is that if you have a 2nd degree tear, which involves skin and muscle, then it is better to stitch it, so that it joins together well, and also stops any bleeding.  However some midwives will leave a 2nd degree if its small, not bleeding and the sides come together well.

Third degree tears involve the anal sphincter, which, if not repaired well, can lead to incontinence - something best avoided! So third degrees shold always be sutured by a doctor.

I hope that answers your question.  Unfortunately there are a lot of women who suffer for a long time after birth, with a painful perineum.  I had personal experience of this.  Mine was sorted after the birth of my third baby - another tear, restitched, and ok now.

Best wishes,

Evony x

Well best I crack on and have some more then and get this sorted out  Laughing It's reassuring to hear someone else say that they had to wait a long time before healing fully, everyone tells you that within a couple of weeks you will be fine. It's quite upsetting when it's not. Thanks for the advice

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