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Do you produce as much milk as you need?

I know mum's who have stopped breastfeeding because they feel like they are not producing enough milk.  Do you think this is really true, or do mums maybe just need to get things done so don't want to sit around feeding all day (like you do at the beginning)?  Maybe it's our culture of expecting us to do too much too soon.

I always felt like I produced as much milk as Erin needed. What about everyone else?

I think I always managed to produce enough milk. It wasn't always easy and I remember some of Isabels growth spurts were the hardest thing, she would be so hungry and I would be exhausted. I'm so glad I stuck at it though.

In the beginning I definately had enough milk for Alex, and he loved every drop.  However he's a big boy and needed mored quite early on.  We introduced solids at about 4months (did it for both boys).
I'm still breastfeeding (Alex is 6 and a half months now), but only at night as I've gone back to work.  I did find however, that my milk supply went down quite a bit when I went back to gym.
But Alex loves the boob, I'm not sure how much milk he actually gets now, but he enjoys it, and what ever he is getting is good for him, so we'll continue until we are both ready to stop - don't know yet when that'll be Question
Nature's Mother

Some babies definitely need solids sooner.  Erin was ravenous at 5 months, but I didn't feel like that was a reason for me to stop feeding...I just introduced solids early too.  As you say they still get plenty of goodness from it.  

Exercise, stress and illness all effect your milk supply, but it's great that you're still feeding at night! I don't know how we're ever going to stop...Erin loves boob so much too and I love the special quiet time I get to have with her everytime she feeds! Because I haven't had her vaccinated I want to make sure her immunity is the best it can be, so I'm in no hurry to stop feeding her (although I'm not sure I see myself feeding a 3 or 4 yr old  Shocked )  Laughing

Tate self weaned too at around 5 months he started eating things like apple, banana and carrot.

However, at 28 months he's showing no sign of stopping yet although my supply has definately cut down since I got pregnant!


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