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Constipation cures?


I am in very early pregnancy (about 5 weeks) and am suffering from constipation - what is good to take for this (I dont like prunes)?  

Anne Thomas

Hello Kate

I'll leave Claire to come back to you re suggestions for herbs, but have you thought of some regular reflexology, massage or acupuncture.  All of these treatments will potentially help to bring balance to your body and relieve your constipation and will help in the long-term as you progress with your pregnancy.

No matter whether it's something to take, or having a hands-on-therapy, it's not just about treating the symptoms but bringing balance to the whole.

Iyisana Reflex Therapist

Hi Kate

In addition to Ann's suggestions you could try linseeds (whole) soaked in water overnight to form a gel. Take about 2 dessertspoonfuls of these in the morning (disguised in a smoothie or some porridge if you like) and then followed by a couple of glasses of water. (Very important to have enough water intake when using this treatment.) This acts as a gentle, natural bulk laxative and is usually pretty effective.

You could also try dried fruits other than prunes, rehydrated. Apricots maybe? The unsulphured type are best. You can just soak overnight in water, or if it's a bit last minute simmer gently in some water for 15-30 minutes.

Make sure you're eating plenty of fruit and vegetables for soluble fibre, and also up your water intake. Some lemon or cider vinegar in water first thing in the morning is a good kick start and might help to get things moving.

Also, exercise, maybe walking or swimming. (Some yoga postures might be appropriate? Not sure about this - ask Andrew on the forum).

I probably wouldn't recommend any herbs specifically for constipation at this point in your pregnancy. Having said that, some nettle tea might help a bit. You can get this dried, or pick fresh young nettle shoots wearing a pair of rubber gloves. 1-2tsp of dried nettles to 1 cup of water, or about double this if using fresh herbs. Further down the line, if you're still a bit bunged up, there are a few more options on the herbal front.

Hope this helps! Enjoy the pregnancy,



Thanks for your responses back in August your tips really helped.


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