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Conception fears

I've been thinking about this for years now and become really nervous when I think about conceiving.  I have this terrible fear that I will never be able to conceive, or will have an etopic pregnany because I've had an ovary removed.  I'm not ready to become a mommy just yet, but think that I can and should start preparing my body (and mind) for it.  Any tips?
Helen Swan

Hi Jojo

I can really understand your fear, having experienced something similar myself a few years ago. I agree with you that now is the best time to explore the fear and make it possible to move on, whatever your future life holds.
I would recommend visiting some kind of therapist, someone you can trust to help you work through any issues behind the fear. All sorts of things could help. My own preference is homeopathy but then I am a homeopath! (see You could also find a good counsellor, or someone using EFT, a hypnotherapist, a psychotherapist or even an acupuncturist if talking about it is not your thing. Take some time to find the right person for you - its such a personal matter.
I would also recommend finding out as much as possible about the reality of any increased risks from the removal of your ovary. Good quality information is essential as well as working on it emotionally.
Physically, some basic exercise every week - it doesnt have to be complicated. Walking is good. And we all know about healthy diets dont we! It comes down to plenty of fruit and veg and minimum chemicals. You can buy special pro-conception supplements, but they may not be necessary.
good luck!  

Hi Helen, thank you for the advice.  I actually haven't read up about the possible risks much as I've always thought I will freak myself out.  I'll be having a heart to heart with myself about it once I'm more informed.  I've been wanting to see a homeopath for a while and am more naturally minded so it gives me a very good reason to explore that route more. Thanks for the website - I'll definitely be checking it out!   Very Happy
Nature's Mother

You're going to make beautiful babies Jojo! xxx Smile

Health and Treatment

Don't get nervous ALL THE BEST FOR YOU!!!
I think you should try some natural measure also which will keep you healthy always like taking honey with milk daily as a diet.

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