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Can acupuncture treat hayfever?

Hi Paul,

I've never had acupuncture and was wondering what type of things it can treat? Does it ease things such as hayfever? Does it "cure" things permanantly or does it just ease the symptoms? How does it work?  Also...does it hurt? I'm a wuss for needles!

Many thanks
Paul Adkins

What does acupuncture treat

Hi Sharon
Acupuncture is great for so many things and you don't have to be suffering from anything in particular to benefit from it.
Acupuncture has been used to treat hayfever and also a variety of sinus conditions and is usually a permanent treatment but you will need top up treatments every so often.
Acupuncture needles are as fine as a human hair so the experience of being needled with them is virtually painless in fact many people have described the sensation as one of pleasure ( Seriously).
Many of my patients have regular acupuncture sessions to help them keep in balance and on top of things that way a lot of problems and illnesses can be eradicated before they take hold.  As well as the usual conditions that people associate with acupuncture I also work a lot with couples who are having IVF treatments and  also couples who are trying for a baby with natural fertility methods.
One of the treatments that is very popular and probably not so well known is my Cosmetic Acupuncture face lift treatments, I have been doing these for some years now and they have proved really popular.

Take a look at a couple of my web sites they will give you a lot more details of the sort of things that acupuncture can help with.

Best Wishes
Paul Very Happy
Nature's Mother

I'm now living literally around the corner from you so will pop in for a visit sometime...and I'd like to test out the "pleasure"  Rolling Eyes of your acupuncture needles sometime too!  Laughing

Acupuncture is an effective cure for various physical pains such as shoulder and lower back pains, hip pain, severe headaches and migraines, face and jaw pain, arthritis, abdominal pain..Patients who undergo acupuncture treatments for these different types of pain and stresses reported immediate relief and a feeling of relaxation...
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All needling techniques are not the same. Generally, acupuncture needles produce a lot less sensation than getting a shot - for several reasons: the needles are smaller, they are solid vs. hollow, they don't have a cutting edge, and you are not injecting anything. Studies have shown that the use of acupuncture is proven to be effective for several, common health conditions, including headaches and other musculoskeletal problems.

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