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Hello from NY,
I am trying to find out what breastfeeding challenges women are facing in the UK.  How is the medical support system when they have trouble with milk production or pain?
Nature's Mother

Hi there,  

I can only speak for myself...I had a natural, calm birth & my little girl was passed straight onto me & was latched on within 5 minutes.  I have never had any problems at all! I was surprised at the size & hardness of my breasts when my milk first came in though, nobody quite prepared me for that!  

I was very lucky though and my little one seemed to know what she was doing.  I haven't had sore or chapped nipples, pain, mastitis or thrush, but I have had friends who have had all of the above!  In our area we have several breastfeeding groups, as well as charities with Breastfeeding counsellors on the end of the phone.  Midwives, doula's & health visitors are normally incredibly helpful too.  As far as milk production goes, I think generally we are encouraged to feed more if we feel like we do not have enough milk to encourage production.  I'm sure other's will share their experiences, and do read the breastfeeding sections.

I am still breastfeeding at 18 months & loving it.


Hiya... I'm continuing to breastfeed my 8 month old + I love feeding him this way.  The first few weeks were not plain sailing for me though and I managed to get a split on the side of a nipple because we weren't latching on correctly.  I went to one of the support groups for a few weeks.  I found it really helpful and I certainly wasn't alone in having feeding problems.  Lots of new Mum's attended the group for a bit of one-on-one support.  I was shown different positions for latching my baby on.  Using a different position to feed was great for me and I could literally see the split closing up and healing every time I fed him.  We haven't looked back since.

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