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Breastfeeding 28 month old toddler while pregnant!

I'm still breastfeeding my 28 month old toddler Tate and I'm also 6 weeks pregnant.

I plan to let Tate self wean so I'm preparing myself for the fact that I may well end up Tandem nursing ultimately!  :0)

Last night however I noticed that my milk supply was near nothing and that Tate was fine with that.  Also because I've had sore nipples he's been much more understanding about it all!  

Last night he didn't ask me for milk once whereas normally he'll be up 4 or 5 times for milk in the night!  Hmmmm...

Also he's been eating a LOT more for the last few days.  He has his last two teeth coming through at the moment too.  All very interesting.

I feel a little emotional about him stopping feeding but I understand he's getting to be such a big boy and yesterday he certainly seemed a lot less interested than he has ever been.  We'll see I suppose!

Has anyone else got any experience of full term breastfeeding / breastfeeding during pregnancy / tandem nursing?
Nature's Mother

Hi Michelle,

How are things going? Does it seem like Tate might be weaning himself?  

A while ago I was quite keen on weaning Erin, but since hearing from people like yourself, Adeline & Jolanky, I am feeling more inclined to let Erin self wean.  But I'm just not sure that she ever will... Shocked  I suppose having another one would be the big test.  

Erin has also started hitting me in the face if I say no to milk (which I have to otherwise I think she'd feed 24/7 & I sadly just haven't got the time or energy for that).  Have you had anything like that from Tate? How would you deal with it?  I should say that she seems to be hitting terrible 2's early as she does sometimes have a hessy fit and throw herself on the floor or pick up something and throw it with can be quite funny, but I know it won't be in the long run!!

How is feeding while you're pregnant?  I was sooo tired for the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy, I can't imagine breastfeeding a toddler at the same time.

I don't know how true it is, but apparantly your breast milk changes according to the age of your child and their needs. How would this work with tandem feeding 2 different aged children?

I totally admire what you're doing and hope I have the patience to do the same! xxx


Well from what I've heard your first child will sometimes wean themself when the colustrum comes in during the 4th or 5th month of pregnancy.  However sometimes they nurse the whole way through and then completely PIG OUT on the full on newborn breastmilk once that comes along!  I've heard of toddlers who stopped eating solid food altogether to enjoy their mummies milk again when a new sibling came along!  Lol.

As far as I'm concerned the more natural immunity I can get into my children through breastfeeding the better!  There are so many things that damage the immune system these days I feel it's the least I can do.  Plus I enjoy the closeness.

Tate does sometimes get quite angry with me lately - my milk production has reduced significantly but he still wants to suckle and "Try get milk" when I say it's sore when he tries and there is no milk coming out and offer him water and a banana he gets quite emotional but he's DEFINATELY in terrible two mode right now!  Lol.

When I get hit or bitten I basically look him right in the eye and tell him it hurts me and makes me sad and I would never do that to him because I don't want to hurt him and make him sad.  Then I say I don't want to talk to him until he says sorry and I ignore him until he does.  And it has to be a heartfelt one too!

It's a hard time isn't it but they are just testing their boundaries.  Also it must be a frustrating age I suppose.  


Still going!

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and I'm still breastfeeding!  In fact Tate has started wanting to nurse more in the last few weeks since the colostrum has come in.  So much for them not liking the taste!

So... now I'm in the countdown to meeting my little one, who we now know is a girl.  Tate is very excited about her "coming out of mummies flower" lol and my hubby is panicking about finances so all is as it should be!  Lol.  

We 're about to move to Cornwall in a few weeks so it's all a bit bananas at the moment!

Nature's Mother

Ha ha! I can so relate.  I'm 18 weeks now and Erin(21 months) is still fact she's upped it in the last few weeks.  I'm going on a yoga teacher training 4 day retreat later this week and am still debating whether to take my breastpump along (if I can find it!) to keep my milk going.  I also enjoy the closeness, but suspect I have very little if any milk at the mo as breastfeeding is sometimes really uncomfortable.  

Erin seems to understand there's a baby in my tummy but cannot talk enough to ask how it's going to come out, so not had to explain that yet.  Very Happy  She does kiss my little bump and say "hi baby", which is very cute.  Hubby also panicking about finances! I'm trying to just chill and enjoy my pregnancy...I feel very blessed that I haven't had any sickness or problems in my pregnancies and i've found them really enjoyable (besides the few mood swings at the beginning).

I hope the move goes well and cornwall brings you much joy and happiness! xxx

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